Our solicitors have considerable experience in civil litigation. We can advise you in relation to commercial and business disputes in relation to matters of contract law and the drafting and wording of contracts. We can help with practical advice in any public or private, civil or legal disputes through negotiation or the civil litigation in the County or High Court. Commercial litigation and business disputes can be extremely costly, time consuming and arduous affairs at here however, we pride ourselves on employing effective dispute resolution techniques that move clients towards the result they want to achieve.

We approach all of our cases by creating close working relationships with our clients and getting to know their business objectives and preferred working practices. This is so we can find realistic and tailored solutions to business disputes. 

Our dispute resolution experts are ready to advise you on a wide variety of business disputes and commercial litigation.

Contracts are at the heart of every business, setting down the way in which businesses deal with suppliers and customers. Well drafted and thoroughly prepared contracts can provide a business with the certainty that deals and transactions will deliver all the benefits and revenues that are anticipated.

We also provide advice and assistance in landlord and tenant disputes. Some time disputes may arise between landlords and tenants in commercial or residential properties, if you are a Landlord who needs assistance with a troubling tenant; falling back on rent, damage, use of premises for other than the agreed purposes we can help you. We also assist tenants too.

Our solicitors are experts at putting together effective solutions that will deliver what you're expecting.

For expert advice and assistance please contact us on 020 3288 1011.